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Mountains of Opportunities:

A Blueprint For Community & Economic Development

Sullivan County, New York, is creating a pro-business environment through forward-thinking leadership aimed at encouraging new businesses to locate here and helping existing businesses to expand.

In December 2009, as part of a County initiative to develop a cohesive master plan for economic development, government, business and civic leaders participated in a Community and Economic Development Charrette. One of the results of this “summit” of over 150 stakeholders was creation of the Economic Development Corporation as the primary forum for agencies and programs seeking to foster development.

The EDC is undertaking coordinated initiatives that emerged from the Charrette within the following six focus areas: Business Development, Downtown Revitaliza­tion, Tourism Development, the River Corridor, Agriculture, and Natural Resource & Land Use Planning. As described in this website, these actions build on the underlying principles that, despite tough economic times, "together works" and...

...Sullivan County has a bright future ahead!

Quality of Life

A Great Place to Live and Work, the EDC’s Partners are working together to build a business friendly environment. Let us a show you all that Sullivan County, NY, has to offer.

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Recent Successes

Dancing Cat Saloon and the Catskill Distilling Company represent the latest successful partnership EDC members have helped get started.

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Farm Fresh

Farming in Sullivan County is big business, with $80 m in direct annual spending and a total impact of $240 m per year on the local economy. The range of local, boutique and niche products available for purchase within the county and for export to larger markets expands with each season, and the EDC is focused on encouraging growth in this area.  

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Commercial Real Estate
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